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Dream houses are what many people aspire to have. You work hard, save your money over a number of years and make wise financial decisions. Then, finally, when everything falls together you are rewarded with your luxury dream house.

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Dream House

But, does attaining a luxury home really work this easily? For some people it does. Many young people are born into affluent families and have no trouble whatsoever in gaining their dream houses once they get older.

Other entrepreneurs like a Bill Gates or a Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) will come up with world changing ideas and be rewarded with their dream dwelling at some point in their lives. The Gates luxury house may be much bigger and more grandiose but who's counting?

There are still other people who work hard, scratch and claw their ways up the corporate ladders and finally they get the houses of their dreams. And, yet, there is always winning the lottery.

But, no matter how people make their money, they usually need a little to buy a dream home. When housing prices drop then you can get into your home cheaper than you'd ever have imagined (as long as you have liquid assets or cash).

Dream Home in the Evening

Upgrading Your Thinking ...

For some people, their luxury abode isn't a mansion, castle or palace. It may simple be an upgrade in the house, in neighborhood or circumstances. When you're young you may imagine living in some place like the Taj Mahal when you grow older or at least a Beverly Hills mansion.

But time will temper those grand fantasies for most and the ultimate house will become a little more modest as we age. Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending a weekend in a penthouse suite or apartment in New York City or another large metropolis to get those big dreams going again.

On this website, we'll talk about luxury homes that are over-the-top grand or unique and quirky. Not one size fits all when it comes to your dream home. It's personal to each one of us. But, it's also interesting to see what others think their ultimate dwelling is and why they come to such a conclusion.

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Anyway, it doesn't hurt to look, as they say in real estate. Luxury houses and dream homes are not a dime a dozen, so let's be inspired and explore these pages together, shall we?


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